WaterWolf Home Page

WaterWolf Planning Inc., a District Planning Commission, was created as a result of consultations with communities to find a way to assist them in accessing a variety of required services.  It has evolved to include: community planning, asset management, board of revision, development appeals board, resource management, capacity building, sharing of services (water, sewer, emergency planning, bylaw enforcement officers, building inspectors, bylaw creation.)

Through municipal cooperation and the pooling of resources, mutually compatible decisions can be made.  This creates a common standard which ultimately keeps future planning and investment more attractive.  Solutions to infrastructure and land use planning will create a more attractive investment climate for developments including lake side housing,  village commercial and residential, highway commercial and residential, intensive livestock and resource extraction to name a few.  One direct goal of the commission is to provide a one stop shop for developers for advice and process on what they require to start and complete various developments in the region.  The commission is currently fully funded by its members’ municipalities.

The formal launch of the WaterWolf Planning District came into effect on June 11, 2010 at the Dakota Whitecap First Nation.  On this day Minister of Municipal Affairs Jeremy Harrison signed the documents legislating our existence.  We are currently the largest planning district in Saskatchewan.