Board of Revision

When the assessment roll is open for a community, you have either 30 days or 60 days (60 is on revaluation years and 30 every other year) to file an appeal.  What you are appealing is your properties’ assessed value not what you will be charged for taxes.  If this situation comes up in your community, you will need the services of the Board of Revision.  The Board of Revision for WaterWolf member communities is Gord Krismer and Associates.  Their contact information is below!

Appealing Decisions Made By Municipalities


WaterWolf Planning Inc. has contracted G. Krismer and Associates Ltd. for 2020 to be the Board of Revision for the WaterWolf membership.

The retainer fee is paid for by WaterWolf Planning Inc.

G. Krismer & Associates

*Assessment Appeal Process for Municipalities PDF