Who We Are


Village of Beechy
Village of Bladworth
Village of Broderick
Village of Conquest
Village of Dinsmore
Village of Elbow
Village of Eyebrow
Village of Glenside
Village of Hawarden
Village of Kenaston
Village of Loreburn
Village of Lucky Lake
Village of Macrorie
Village of Strongfield
Village of Tugaske

Town of Central Butte
Town of Dundurn
Town of Hanley
Town of Outlook
Resort Village of Mistusinne
Resort Village of Coteau Beach

RM of Canaan #225 (Lucky Lake)
RM of Eyebrow #193
RM of Fertile Valley #285 (Macrorie)
RM of Huron #223 (Tugaske)
RM of King George #256 (Dinsmore)
RM of Loreburn #254
RM of McCraney #282 (Kenaston)

Group Structure

Water Wolf Planning Inc. has a Board that consists of 6 Member Municipality  appointees and an Administrator.  From these appointees, there is a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Members At Large.
The Water Wolf Planning Commission is made up of the above Board as well as one Councillor from each Member Municipality that is appointed annually.
  • RM Fees are $1800.00 plus GST.
  • Town Fees are $3.60/capita based on the current census population to maximum of $3000.00 plus GST.
  • Village Fees are $3.60/capita based on the current census population with a minimum of $500.00 plus GST.
  • Resort Village Fees are $3.60/capita based on the current census population with a minimum of $500.00 plus GST.
  • First Nation Fees are $1800.00 plus GST.


District Map Updated February, 2020

I can’t say enough about the tremendous benefit of Waterwolf membership. Our global community is shrinking & Waterwolf enables us to think about concerns on a regional basis and share best practices with our neighbors. We have gained so much capacity in the region simply by cooperating and sharing information with each other. Assisting  communities with having  Zoning Bylaws & OCP’s  in place  has placed communities in a position to welcome any development opportunities that come along. The power of member municipalities working together makes anything possible in the region. Thanks Waterwolf!

Joyce Aitken, CAO

The Town of Hanley is a member of WaterWolf, a grassroots project for regional cooperation. WaterWolf has become an avenue for Provincial advocacy for our specific area.
We have taken advantage of this membership for essential tools in the regulations of planning with the adoption of the Official District Plan (WaterWolf Growth Management Plan) and Zoning Bylaw, a Development Appeals Board, District Board of Revision, and the services of the staff Community Planner. The resources that WaterWolf have provided us with include contact with a Bylaw Enforcement Officer and Building Official; Basic Emergency Management and Building Standards training; newsletters with pertinent information needed for day-to-day operations of the municipality, zoning bylaw amendments and development plans; GIS mapping; and enhanced networking with member municipalities.

We look forward to future educational growth and regional purchasing opportunities with WaterWolf!
Darice Carlson, CAO